Tai Chi for Rehabilitation & Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi for Rehabilitation is a short form created by Dr Paul Lam.  It combines elements of three styles of Tai Chi - the Qigong of Sun, the flow of Yang and the energy of Chen.  It is an ideal introduction to Tai Chi for people who are challenged by very painful conditions or who need to begin exercising gently due to illness, injury or inactivity. 


Tai Chi for Arthritis is a popular programme based on Sun Style Tai Chi with its powerful Qigong, higher stance and follow steps. Many people have enjoyed learning this safe and effective programme and have gained significant health benefits. Scientific studies have proved its effectiveness in assisting pain relief, quality of life, balance and falls prevention.

Arthritis Foundations in Australia and many other countries support this Tai Chi programme.


Daytime classes at DeMolay House, 90 Margaret St, Toowoomba on Monday, Tuesday & Friday mornings.

Pittsworth classes at Senior Citizens Hall on Tuesday afternoons.

Seated and Beginners by arrangement.

Fees on enquiry. Phone Rosalie on 07 4697 6190.

Classes at Highfields with Carole Dupuy - phone 0412 669 694. 

Classes at Crows Nest with Sandy Anderson - phone 0417 727 018.

Getting Started

MEDICAL CLEARANCE: Any participant in the Tai Chi for Health classes who has any doubt whether they are medically fit to attend the class, is required to have a medical clearance from their doctor prior to commencing.

DRESS: Participants should wear loose comfortable clothes and flat shoes suitable for exercise.